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Sly-Ed is a Houston based education and career consulting firm, which provides service to both parents, and students through the college process. We counsel families on college preparation and we conduct workshops for churches, schools and other organizations. We work with those that are seeking a career or career change through our coaching, assessments and one on one sessions.

We believe that not all careers start in a class room, they start in the heart, body and soul. Our founder and CEO is a certified education consultant, life and personal development coach, which allows our clients to step into their greatness. You just need the will to do it and a NO MATTER WHAT ATTITUDE!

As founder and CEO of SLY- Ed, I wanted to created a business for people that may be too afraid to ask for help, I wanted to create a space where we service students and parents that do not know which questions to ask when seeking a college and/ or university. I wanted to create a community to help clients change careers with confidence, awareness and education about what they should and shouldn’t look for.

I wanted to create a place I once needed when I was a student seeking scholarship opportunity and no one to guide me to the next level with ease. What’s next?  Are you done with your “job(s)”.  You need a coach to go to, to help jump start and find  you a career, your purpose and your passion.  It’s my power to service the community from moment to movement.

LaTasha Sly founded SLY-Education and Career Consulting after working in Higher Education and Adult learning colleges as Senior Career Development Advisor, Academic and Admission Counselor for over 10 years. She volunteers her time to schools, churches and other non and/or not for-profit institutions, to help assist with educating parents and students on their options when selecting a college, university and a career path.

LaTasha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, a MBA and a Masters in Higher Education. She has worked with students and adults to help with their aspirations and goals in both their education and personal lives for over 10 years. Her purpose and passion for starting such a service was the fact that she understands first -hand how it feels to be afraid to start a new journey without the knowledge to set one up for success.  After losing her mother to breast cancer at the age of 12 she promised herself that she would help others get through life challenges and the unknown. And that’s what she does for all her clients.

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